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11.2-release GUI inconsistent behavior of the Reporting -> Netowrk mode 'Column' graphs




      While running a FreeNAS ver: 11.2-RELEASE, encounter a inconsistent behavior when reviewing performance analytics for the network interface.
      Path: Main Menu -> Reporting -> element 'Network' mode - 'Column'
      Graph displayed in 'Grid' mode instead of 'Column' mode.
      Please see screen-shot attached.

      If there is no interactions with the UI in browser for the next ~10 to 20 seconds, graphs get repopulated automatically and displayed in 'stretched' column mode eventually.

      Please note - in general, performance of the 'Reporting' section of the new UI very slow/sluggish and inconsistent in results relative to the legacy UI.

      Please note, the actual size of the elements of the new UI, including 'Reporting' section is so large, it's very difficult to review the graphs in the useful manner. Elements and graphs so oversizes that using browser with a default zoom level of a 100%, user has to stretch the with the the browser window to the full available with on the monitor with 1600x900 resolution.

      For a system admins, typically using a smaller console type monitors in the rack, or a laptop, this is very uncomfortable.
      Dev team, please consider to resize default size of the UI elements to fit better in the window of the browsers running on a none extra wide types of the monitors.

      Client connected to the system for administration:
      OS: Debian 9 (Stretch) + Gnome Desktop
      Browser01: Mozilla Firefox Ver: 60.4.0esr (64-bit)
      Browser02: Chromium Version 71.0.3578.80
      Protocol: HTTP
      Issue persist regarding of the brand/version of the browser(s) used.

      Dev team of the FreeNAS, thank you for your development efforts and hard work of coding. I love your FreeNAS / TrueNAS storage solutions.
      Damien Myracle




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