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Fix kernel panic in case of L2ARC prefetch failure



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        I have a FreeNAS mini I'm using for remote backups. This is a fairly low utilization system that also gets used for Samba shares, AFP shares, and some open source Bittorrent seeding. Specs:

        FreeNAS Mini
        Motherboard: ASRock C2750D4I
        OS disk: 16GB SATA DOM
        Data Disks: 4 x WD Red 8TB
        Memory: 32GB
        Official 64GB ZIL and 128GB L2ARC units installed.
        Pool is encrypted.
        FreeNAS 11.2-U3

        After upgrading to 11.2 I started seeing what appears to be the pool freezing up completely every few days / once a week or so. I can still ping the system. I've been able to ssh in sometimes and I can pull the console up over IPMI. Any type of filesystem access to the pool, however, freezes indefinitely. The only solution is a reboot.

        I've scoured the system for any type of log entry but have found nothing. There is absolutely no indication as to what's going on that I can find.

        Here's my thread in the forums:


        Here's another thread opened today by someone else who appears to be having the same issue:


        This happened in 11.2-U2 and now U3.

        Another thing I noticed: when I have to hard reset the system, it seems to lose its config. The hostname reverts to "freenas" and I think I've even had it lose network info. Another reboot fixes this.

        This system is in a cold closet. Right now it's usually around 70f / 21c all day. Someone brought up heat issues but I don't think it's that. I ran stress on the system for hours while closely monitoring temps and they never got close to concerning (nor did the system freeze).

        This system has been in production for years now with few issues until upgrading to 11.2.

        This is a recent fresh install of 11.2-U2 (I restored the config). I just upgraded to U3 last night and had it freeze today.

        I have three other systems in production, one running a fairly high load, all without issue. I'm not sure why this particular system is freezing.

        I can generate a debug package but would prefer not to post that publicly. Let me know if I can provide anything else.





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