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FreeNAS Mini E BSG improvement



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      User Request, per Forums Post:


      Jim DeLaHunt
      Posted on: 19 August 2019 02:01 PM Via ticket support: JJZ-669-51488 
      Please improve the documentation for the FreeNAS Mini E. For example:

      1. There is a button on the front panel labelled "reset". I can't find documentation about what this button does and how to operate it.

      1.a. Does the button respond to a monentary press, or do I need to hold it for some amount of time? How much time?

      1.b. What does the system do in response to a reset button press? Reboot the OS? Erase configuration and let me reconfigure from scratch? Erase data on the disks?

      I have pressed the button, and no smoke has emerged from the unit, but nor does it give a clear sign of what if anything the button caused to happen.

      2. There are four ethernet connectors on the back of the enclosure. When I plug a network into one of them, an entry "ix2" appears on the web UI under "Network" - "Interface". For each of the four physical connectors (upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right), which Network - Interface entry corresponds to that connector? What with the Network - Interface entries be named?

      3. The FreeNAS Mini E has connectors for a VGA monitor and a keyboard (serial). What should I observe when I connect a monitor and keyboard to these ports? Do I see the text setup interface described in <https://ixsystems.com/documentation/freenas/11.2-U5/booting.html>? Do I see the general netcli interface? Document what happens.

      4. In general, there is a gap between what the Basic Setup Guide <https://www.ixsystems.com/FreeNAS_Mini_EXL_BSG/> says about the hardware and what the FreeNAS guide says about the hardware-independant behaviour of the OS. As a user, I would benefit from documentation which fills in this gap, and relates hardware to FreeNAS guide behaviour.




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