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CLONE - iSCSI configuration error when trying to re-use existing configuration on new pool




      Occasionally, using an iSCSI configuration, I want to re-create a pool and zvols fresh, but do so in an identical configuration to what I had before. I start the process by deleting the pool, telling it to leave the sharing configuration, but delete the data. After this, I re-create the pool with the same name, and recreate the datasets and zvols exactly as before. Once this is done, I restart iSCSI so that ctld will accept the new configuration and the iSCSI LUNs will be usable.

      This used to work in 11.2, but does not work on 11.3. The iSCSi service refuses to start with a configuration error. The following is the only information emitted when doing this by hand on the command line with the debug flag on:

      root@tn24a[~]# ctld -d
      ctld: obtaining previously configured CTL luns from the kernel
      ctld: CTL port 0 "tpc" wasn't managed by ctld;
      ctld: CTL port 1 "camsim" wasn't managed by ctld;
      ctld: CTL port 2 "ioctl" wasn't managed by ctld;
      ctld: obtaining configuration from /etc/ctl.conf
      ctld: configuration error; exiting

      Here's the basic workflow as an outline:

      1. Have working iSCSI configuration
      2. Delete pool, destroy data, but leave share config
      3. Create new identical pool, re-create ZVOLs with same name/location as before
      4. Try to re-start iSCSI to make it pick up on the new ZVOLs on the old extents
      5. Get configuration error on re-starting iSCSI. service ctld onestart on command line fails with configuration error

      This is still happening in spite of the fix for NAS-102918.

      This is happening on TrueNAS-11.3-INTERNAL-16 (98853fd)


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