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Mini-XL - 11.2-U8 > 11.3-any Update Fails repeatedly



    • OHV-435-27627


      I have been working this problem (#OHV-435-27627) with Customer Service (Duane Broussard, Nick Bettencourt) for several months, and have been unable to find a solution.

      I searched through the issue tracker, and NAS-105336 sounds a bit similar, however I was unable to restart middlewared when I finally got to a BSD login.

      The machine is a stock IXSystems Mini-XL with MB replaced under warranty in December; 8 3Tb WD Reds; latest available 11.2 at that time.

      • There are no jails.
      • 8 SMB shares that apparently work properly
      • Rsync is running between this server, and an older iXSystems Mini that has successfully updated to 11.3-U3.2

      While the documentation is in the ticket, I will summarize again here:

      • After letting the new MB run for several days, attempted update to 11.3-Release by changing trains and proceeding
      • 11.3-Release failed by the boot process hanging somewhere in the “middlewared” loads. Repeated 2-3 times for confirmation by changing boot environment back to 11.2 and running the train update again.
      • Downloaded the 11.3-Release to a USB and performed manual upgrade install. Same result.
      • Returned to 11.2, as the server was needed
      • Upgraded to 11.2-U8
      • At this point I contacted customer support and demonstrated the complete sequence to Mr. Broussard using ASRock Rack and console redirection.
      • Later saved config and performed a fresh install from the USB that was successful.
      • Restoring the saved config crashed or hung the boot in some unknown state.
      • Back to 11.2-U8
      • Thinking the SATA-DOM might be bad, changed the boot drive to a spare 72 GB SSD.
      • Performed an 11.3-Release train update. Failed
      • Since the server was apparently fully functional on 11.2-U8, I tried the 11.3 updates through 11.3-U3.2 as they became available. All had the same result.
      • Mr. Bettencourt reviewed the config file and could find nothing out of order.

      Observations – Train upgrade

      • Boot hangs at “middlewared: setting up plugins (pwenc) [2/35]”
      • If I wait several minutes it will go to a FreeBSD login prompt
      • After login there are numerous middlewared errors and tracebacks

      Over the holiday weekend I will repeat a fresh installation from USB and reload the config. I will send you those results next week.


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