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Improvements to "Create Pool" UI



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      1 - The checkbox "force" could be better labelled "Override warnings" or "Ignore warnings"

      2 - There shouldn't be a warning needed, when one device is a single disk and another device is a mirror or zraid.  Perhaps single disk vdevs should be described as "Single Disk - not redundant" in red, with the dropdown disabled, as the vdev type, rather than "stripe"? As they can't be anything else. And not listed as "different" or "conflicting" with other vdevs?

      3 - I gather that ordinary metadata and dedup metadata can be on the same vdevs, and often they will be. So we need a combined "metadata+dedup vdev" option. To simplify the UI, maybe the dropdown "add vdev" list has just one option, "Add metadata / small file vdev", but the vdev has a dropdown option below:

      "Use this vdev for [ Metadata | Dedup  tables | Metadata and dedup tables ]
      [CHECKBOX] Also use for small files up to [__SIZE__] KB"

      4 - It should be a warning, if a spinning disk is used for a cache, SLOG or metadata vdev. Like other warned combinations it's sometimes valid, but user attention should be raised to confirm its okay, because it often isn't any benefit and would be pointless or mistake.

      5 - A few "advanced options" would be useful to globally enable key defaults like compression, hash type, dedup, ACLs, etc. While these do get enabled dataset by dataset, it makes sense and may be expected to enable it as a whole for the pool, especially as the pool creation process includes a dedup vdev option.

      6 - A link or a hint should be provided to some UI elsewhere in the TrueNAS UI, that lets the user view estimated space saved with dedup, for a pool, if the user chooses dedup, or creates a dedup vdev. So they can decide about the space saving merits of adding dedup, if they don't mind adding the appropriate hardware.

      7 - In some cases it may be appropriate to add partitions not entire disks. For example 2 480GB P4801X datacenter SSDs could be used for mirrored SLOG but that only needs a few tens of GB at most. It wouldn't be a good use of resources to add partitioning UI, but if partitions alrewady exist, it should be possible to have a checkbox "recognise individual partitions for this device" which populates the list with device partitions rathere than entire device, and then works as before?







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