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Unable to monitor log file for changes



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      After upgrading from FreeNAS to TrueNAS Core 12.0-RELEASE last week, I quickly realized that my monitoring software is longer longer able to detect any changes on a file I've been monitoring for years. I've done quite a bit of reading on this but I'm still scratching my head unfortunately. If anyone could guide me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative.

      • I have a ZFS pool with a log file that's being written to it.

        • Pool has super basic configuration and just sharing via SMB.

      • I have monitoring software (GINA) running on multiple separate Windows boxes that accesses the log file via a SMB share, however it can no longer detect file changes on the log file.

        • The Windows box (and all my other devices) all access the SMB share via a mapped drive that has a username/password.

        • All machines can access the share and read/write just fine, so permissions don't appear to be a problem.

        • I can open the log file and verify that data is being written to it every second.

      • I have always run the monitoring software from multiple computers, which coincidentally have slightly different monitoring software versions. None of them work now. I have literally upgraded nothing in the last 6 months other than TrueNAS.

      • I moved the log file to local storage on a Windows box and then updated the software to read from the new target.

        • This works, however is not really a viable solution for me as I need it to run on the TrueNAS pool.

        • I'm fairly certain that I've now isolated the issue to the NAS.

      • I'm running a Splunk Universal Forwarder on one of the files in the same folder also, and it works perfectly fine.

        • Big note here would be that the Splunk UF is actually running on the local TrueNAS box and is reading the file locally.

        • This makes me think it may have something to do with SMB???

        • I've also tested stopping the Splunk UF to see if the monitoring software would start working.

      So far, I've done quite a bit of googling and searching on forums. I also read the release notes /before/ upgrading :) . I've looked through all of my configurations on the TrueNAS web console and was unable to find anything that looked out of the ordinary. I inspected the pool configuration, the SMB share configuration and also the SMB service configuration. All of these looked normal to me.

      Does anyone have any sort of idea what could be causing this?

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.




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