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SMB constantly crashes when connected to LDAP directory



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      I'm encountering an issue with what appears to be SMB crashing repeatedly when TrueNAS Core is connected to an LDAP directory.  The evidence from the SMB client side (MacOS 11.0.1) is that some file transfers to the SMB share can be completed without issue, but some file transfers, particularly those with many small files, are slow and sometimes lock up MacOS. I can reproduce this readily by trying to copy "MacOS High Sierra.app" directory to the SMB share. Larger, single file transfers seem to perform and complete without issue. 

      If I tail the /var/log/samba4/log.smbd file, I see the following repeating during the file transfer:

      [2020/12/16 16:35:28.332900,  0] ../../source3/groupdb/mapping.c:884(pdb_create_builtin_alias)
        pdb_create_builtin_alias: Could not add group mapping entry for alias 544 (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
      [2020/12/16 16:35:28.615093,  0] ../../source3/groupdb/mapping.c:884(pdb_create_builtin_alias)
        pdb_create_builtin_alias: Could not add group mapping entry for alias 545 (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
      [2020/12/16 16:35:28.894955,  0] ../../source3/groupdb/mapping.c:884(pdb_create_builtin_alias)
        pdb_create_builtin_alias: Could not add group mapping entry for alias 546 (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
      [2020/12/16 16:35:45.285537,  0] ../../lib/util/fault.c:79(fault_report)
      [2020/12/16 16:35:45.285699,  0] ../../lib/util/fault.c:80(fault_report)
        INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 10 in pid 4459 (4.12.9)
        If you are running a recent Samba version, and if you think this problem is not yet fixed in the latest versions, please consider reporting this bug, see https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Bug_Reporting
      [2020/12/16 16:35:45.285752,  0] ../../lib/util/fault.c:86(fault_report)
      [2020/12/16 16:35:45.285808,  0] ../../source3/lib/util.c:830(smb_panic_s3)
        PANIC (pid 4459): internal error
      [2020/12/16 16:35:45.287881,  0] ../../lib/util/fault.c:265(log_stack_trace)
        BACKTRACE: 6 stack frames:
         #0 0x801296217 <log_stack_trace+0x37> at /usr/local/lib/samba4/libsamba-util.so.0
         #1 0x802f9b656 <smb_panic_s3+0x56> at /usr/local/lib/samba4/libsmbconf.so.0
         #2 0x801296007 <smb_panic+0x17> at /usr/local/lib/samba4/libsamba-util.so.0
         #3 0x8012963ee <log_stack_trace+0x20e> at /usr/local/lib/samba4/libsamba-util.so.0
         #4 0x801295fe9 <fault_setup+0x59> at /usr/local/lib/samba4/libsamba-util.so.0
         #5 0x8099dbc20 <_pthread_sigmask+0x530> at /lib/libthr.so.3
      [2020/12/16 16:35:45.288267,  0] ../../source3/lib/dumpcore.c:315(dump_core)
        dumping core in /var/db/system/cores

      I don't see these messages in the log if I copy a single large file.

      If I disable the connection to the LDAP directory and connect a client via SMB using a local user I don't see this issue.

      I've reproduced this on a fresh install of TrueNAS 12.0-U1 as well. I'll include the debug logs from that test install.

      Is there any other data I can provide or troubleshooting steps I should take to help further resolution of this problem?







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