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TrueNAS Development and Testing Lisense



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      With the merging of FreeNAS into TrueNAS Core in the coming months, I am requesting a new feature which I believe can now be attained. I would really enjoy seeing a TrueNAS Enterprise Development and Testing Lisense, something akin to VMUG for VMWare's suite of products. This would give us homelabber types the ability to purchase access to features locked into TrueNAS such as Fiberchannel support for a nominal fee.

      It can be a one-off purchase or a yearly subscription, whatever you all think is fair. The idea here being, while we can hack things like Fiberchannel into FreeNAS today, it would be nice to test and enjoy what it feels like to do it all in an actual TrueNAS system.


      All of this, of course, would come with no guarantees and would be a totally community driven platform. The leagalease fort this lisensing model  wouldnot be allowed for production business use. It would be soley for us geeks to go play in the big boy sandbox. 


      As someone who manages slot of big iron in my professional life, I can say wholeheartedly that having experience in Fiberchannel (I'm sorry I keep missing that as an example) in my homelab would have been profoundly helpful in the real world given the opportunity using systems I already was familiar with. I can also say, wearing that same hat, that I would appreciate the ability to test out this product at home in order to assure it's stability and reliability in my own test environment before making recommendations to go out to bid on a very expensive SAN.


      Just my two cents. 




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