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Drives not showing assigned to pool



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 12.0-U1.1
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      I posted the following issue to the forums initially and I was then instructed by Mr. Kris Moore to post the it here instead. Attached are the screen shots I initially posted on the forum. In addition, I have attached the debug log per Mr. Moore's request. Thank you.


      Initial forum post:

      Hello everyone,

      I am new to this forum so please forgive me for not contributing much. FreeNAS and TrueNAS has been wonderful thus far and I've never needed to come here until today. That being said, here is my issue:

      I recently moved my TrueNAS system over to a new one. The old system was a custom box consisting of a SuperMicro motherboard with built in SAS controller. The OS runs off two USB drives for redundancy. I recently moved everything to a SuperMicro JBOD chassis which is connected via two 8088 cables to a Dell PowerEdge R310. The SAS controller is a "LSI 9200-8e 6Gbps 8-lane external SAS HBA P20 IT Mode". Everything moved over great and was up and running as normal. It wasn't until I added some older SATA drives, to create a new pool, that I noticed my main pool (Pool1) didn't show the existing drives as being used by Pool1. The drives that I moved over are 4TB drives. When I was creating a new pool, I saw that the four 4TB drives could be used to create a new pool. I thought this wasn't right because the drives are supposedly already assigned. I have updated TrueNAS to the most current version and I've conducted a pool scrub. I'm not sure what to do as this point.

      I've attached some screen shots help make it clear as to what I'm talking about. Thank you.

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